Special Edition: Hobart’s Salamanca market

Me: Hey, I’ve got a free morning in Hobart on Saturday, what can I do?
Anyone who’s been to Hobart: Salamanca Market on the Harbour!
Me: Hey, I’ve got a free morning in Hobart on Saturday, what can I do?
About 10 more people: Salamanca Market on the Harbour!

Rita and I decided we needed a mini-break from the daily grind and decided to head to Tasmania for a few days. First stop: Hobart. When everyone you ask, says you must visit Salamanca Market in Hobart on a Saturday, well there’s no doubt you have to plan your entire itinerary around it.

And good golly gosh, Salamanca Market was an unexpected surprise. Unexpected because when you have seen so many great markets around the world, you can’t fathom the idea that “just another market” will have something different to offer. Well, let me tell you, Salamanca can most certainly give other markets a run for their money.

There’s a great energy from the minute you step onto the market premises with the sweet sound of music from local bands who usually use the entrance as their center stage. A mixture of different aromas hits you from freshly baked bread to lamb meat turning on the grill, grinding coffee beans and freshly picked flowers. Your senses kick into full mode and you have no idea where to start.

The market is filled with locally sourced fresh produce, hand-crafted garments, winter warmers (both for the heart and soul – yes I’m talking mostly about food) and little souvenir stalls. I’m going to go out on a whim here and say almost 90% of the stalls are from locally made businesses. It’s incredible. There was so much authenticity is in the air!

We started the Battle of Sydney’s Markets a few weeks ago to learn more about the city and its famous weekend market culture. So, adding this little special edition, Salamanca Market was a little treat. I have to say though, Sydney can learn a thing of two from Hobart’s famous market.

DSC09846Food stalls to clothing, flowers, fruits & vegetables, homeware… you can find anything your heart desires. Strolling around reminded us of our native markets in Paris and London. Ahhhhhh!

As always, Rita was famished as soon as we got to the market and without hesitation, marched towards Gypsy Rolls and got herself a lamb burger. At first, I was stunned by her silence and for about half an hour, she was singing praises of how scrumptious the burger was. I caved, and I got myself one too. And boy, it was worth every penny. Oozing with apple, carrot and bushpepper sauce, slowly grilled lamb and salad, it was yumminess in a bun.

DSC09805DSC09904We wandered around the market for what felt like hours. This place is huge, and surprise and delight around every corner. We need to go back and spend another few hours there.  My absolute favourite part of the market was the endless supply of jams. I LOVE HOMEMADE JAMS! I adore them…I was in my own little paradise. I actually knew that Tasmania was famous for its berries, so as soon as my 3kg of raspberry jam (yes, don’t judge), I’m going back just to get some more.

To summarise: if you find yourself in Hobart, you absolutely CANNOT miss this market. Make sure you get there on an empty stomach as I guarantee you will for sure want to try every food there stall there.

Bisous, Bisous



Feast your eyes!

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