…Like a 4 tier cake!

Whoever said winter doesn’t exist down under straight up lied! I’m sorry to say to all my Aussie friends, but you are in denial about the cold and unfortunately we still have a few more weeks of winter left. Why am I seeing people out without coats? Someone please explain. The sight of someone shivering at the bus stop in the morning en route to work makes me cold…so stop! Get some layers under you now. So until temperature goes back above 20 degrees celsius, do whatever it takes to stay warm.


Keeping warm doesn’t necessarily mean buying new clothes (although that seems like a good idea), not at all. It just means you have to be smart with HOW you wear your clothes. Turning summer appropriate garments are some of my fav winter style staples. This is known as layering the heck up. I don’t mean a t-shirt under your shirt, I’m talking full on double coat situation.

So, for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s break down a few things to help you stay warm and stylish haven’t without looking like Michelin man aka Bibendum.

A bit of do’s and don’ts for you lovely people:

  • Tights are key! Put them on under everything including dresses, culottes and ripped jeans. Yes I said ripped jeans. Why wait till summer to enjoy your fav pair, just put on some black tights under your black skinny ripped jeans and voila, warmth and style all in one. For dresses, add some socks and you got yourself a certified winter look. Don’t believe me, go to pinterest and type in ‘winter fashion’ into the search box and you’ll see.
  • Head to Uniqlo and get yourself the Heattech long sleeve T-shirt, super thin and super warm and you can easily wear it under dresses, jumpers, button down shirts…Rita got herself one a few years ago and still wears it during winters to this day. I think she got a second one a couple of weeks ago for our Tassie trip.
  • Play around with different lengths: crop tops, no sleeve jackets…see what works. You’ll be surprised.
  • And ofcourse gloves, hats, beanies, scarfs are the basic accessories to not only complete your glamorous winter look but also help you protect your extremities from the cold wind.

Bisous, Bisous,


I hope you enjoy these photos because I braced that COLD crisp air in Tassie to show you how I layered up like a 4 tier cake in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania.

Photos by Rita (@lifebyritzy)




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