My sunnies are EVERYTHING! I never ever leave my house without them. They are like the cheese to my wine, the cherry to my fondant cake, the avo to my toast.

My latest favourite pair is my black hand-made Valley Eyewear Spleen shades. I took a little trip to Ikea a couple of weeks ago and actually lost them somewhere (sighs lots of sighs and maybe a drop of tear here and there). I was so gutted. I (respectfully) mourned for a few days and decided I couldn’t do this, I could not survive without them. They went with every outfit my dear Rita picked out for me. In fact, she mourned a little too.

To my absolute surprise, Michael Crawley himself gave me a pair and I’m maybe still a little star-struck. Michael is the designer and owner of Valley Eyewear, my favourite sunglasses brand. Check them out here. Happiness comes in a small rectangular black box.


These sunglasses are perfection but I still needed my black pair so off I went in search of them. We all need a pair of black sunglasses. Someone once said to me, “oh I love those glasses, but I can only wear them at a festival”. I was like, you’re kidding me right. Clearly someone forgot to send me the memo because when it comes to sunglasses for me, the bigger the better. Don’t be afraid of being bold and unique. There’s no rule of where or when to wear any type of sunglasses that take your fancy. Think of this way, would you let someone else decide which earrings you should wear? No, right. Well, sunglasses should be treated like any other accessory, play with them, they are meant to be fun, give you a touch of colour if your outfit needs it, and a bonus, they make you look and feel more confident.


  • No time for make-up, put on your shades!
  • Going to the gym in Potts Point, put on your shades!
  • Had a late night, put on your shades!

Bisous, Bisous,


Ps: Do you know that the FRAME FASHION WEEK will take place from July 1st – 10th, 2017 in Sydney? Don’t forget to pencil in you calendars.


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