Wow wow and wow again. Prawns, mussels, squid, giant lobsters, salmon and seafood that we’ve never seen before. Sydney Fish Market was one hell of a surprise. My dream was to see something like that scene from the movie Burnt with Bradley Cooper when he goes to the fish market to buy fresh seafood. Hot chef buying seafood? Yes please.

My nightmare was basically a smelly fish market with fish gut everywhere. Well, the result was somewhat neither although eye candy spotting kicked into gear when Rita saw the “fish guy” (yes, that’s what she wants to call him). In her own words, ‘I can’t vocalise what I visualise right now’. Fresh seafood, in a sea of people and the yummy fish guy, welcome to Sydney Fish Market. Let’s dive in (haha like what I did there? wink wink).

IMG_3232Arriving at the market at 1pm just in time for lunch was timing at full perfection. We were frantic yet fascinated. It was hella crowded with tourists and locals alike and first item on the agenda, was ofcourse food. We had heard that you can get cooked seafood there but we didn’t expect full seafood galore from fried scampi to freshly grilled salmon to juicy oysters. How do you even decide?

Well you don’t, instead you just buy anything that catches your fancy and hope that you can finish it all. Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words, so feast your eyes on these and we hope you salivate to the point where, before you know it, you’re en-route to the Sydney Fish Market, with your partner or friend in tow.

IMG_3258 IMG_3273IMG_3282 IMG_3292


Does it break the bank?

  • 8/10 : 3 scallop pearls grilled right before your eyes for $6.50. I think I’m absolutely ok with that.

Shall we get an Uber?

  • 8.5/10 : If you time your buses properly, it actually is quite easily accessible which is surprising for Pyrmont. The light rail tram also stops right at the market.

What about the eye candy?

  • 1/10 : one for just one (wink wink to the ‘fish guy’).

What’s the verdict?

  • 8.5/10 : Fresh seafood at affordable prices. Your little heart will be happy.

Bisous, Bisous,


We’ll let the pictures do the talking for Sydney’s Fish Market.

IMG_3241 IMG_3249 IMG_3235 IMG_3300 IMG_3304 DSC01010DSC01006DSC00978 DSC00970DSC01019



  1. September 14, 2016 / 10:42 am

    Wow, I wish I had a fish market like that near me! It looks like they have a really great selection and prices. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near the ocean. If I want yummy grilled scallops like the ones you had, I’ll have to go to a restaurant. Hopefully, I can find one that serves fresh seafood.

      September 21, 2016 / 12:31 pm

      Hey Kairi,
      indeed this Sydney fish market is amazing. You should definitely get try some of their fresh seafood next time you are in Sydney 😉

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