If Mr. Hot Photographer (aka Matt Pearson, Fine Art Photographer) doesn’t give you enough of a reason to visit The Rocks Markets, then I don’t know what will. Pause, take a moment…

…and back again.

Ok, not only is he a sight for sore eyes, Matt Pearson (IG @mattpearsonphoto) is a very talented photographer based in Sydney. His work is so beautiful and so captivating, to the point where you wish any of pieces was already hanging on your living room wall. Check him out here

You know what, after 4 market visits so far, this challenge is somewhat becoming a routine, right. And what usually happens with routine? Well, it can get a little bit laborious and boring.

Well, well, dear readers, there was nothing boring about a Saturday spent at The Rocks Markets. On a beautiful sunny weekend, what more could you ask for. Yes, yes, this market is known to be crowded with tourists and there are selfie sticks everywhere but in all honesty, the stalls and market residents are so intriguing, you forget about the constant herd of tourists hurdling past you every few minutes. This market has so much to offer from little ornaments to jewellery perfect for gifting.

I’ll admit, one of my motivations for heading upto the Rocks is the La Renaissance patisserie, the French bakery (no judging ok). Have you tried their Chausson aux pommes? If you did, you’d understand what I mean. They are to die for! But don’t take my word for it, just head down, grab a table in the back courtyard and it’s like you’ve been transported to a beautiful cafe in Paris.

The Rocks Markets is perfectly located by the Harbour and right underneath Lady Harbour Bridge. The setting couldn’t get an prettier if it tried.

So, although the market is more oriented towards tourists with most of the stalls housing local crafts and souvenirs, you do find amazing local designers who do one-off pieces whether be it art, hand-crafted leather jackets or home-made cakes.

IMG_3519 DSC01127 DSC01151

Not to mention, an array of food stalls cooking up a storm. And ofcourse, we had to grab a bite to eat, otherwise Rita would kill me.

IMG_3595 IMG_3590

So, aside from our hottie Matt the photographer, The Rocks Markets should definitely be on your market to-do list.



Does it break the bank?

  • 6/10 : aside from stocking $300 leather jackets, I’d say fairly ok.

Shall we get an Uber?

  • 9/10 : Don’t even waste your money in a uber, because no matter which part of Sydney you’re coming from, you really want to walk from Circular Quay and enjoy the beautiful backdrop that is Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

What about the eye candy?

  • 9/10 : Alright for the last time he’s mentioned, Matt the photographer. Feeling like a 16year old school girl here.

What’s the verdict?

  • 8.5/10 : surprising little market with a bunch of lovely people who pretty much make and sell their own goods. Kudos to them!

Bisous, Bisous,



More pics for you guys!


DSC01110 DSC01106 IMG_3575 IMG_3569 IMG_3531 IMG_3535 IMG_3546 IMG_3549



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