Fatou is a Sydney-based model and influencer from Paris, and she is also a full-time Corporate Partnership Manager (I don’t know how she does it!). She’s a fast-paced, sassy French-Senegalese chica with a Masters Degree in Business and International Affairs. Her aspiration is to be an influencer to young women, and even men.

Aside from her native French, she speaks fluent English, Wolof and Spanish and I’m pretty sure there’s still some German and Italian lingering over from her language classes. Please feel free to test her if you see her. She now calls Sydney home but she brings a breadth of experience from having lived in Bordeaux, New York, Jakarta, and Singapore.  From the Parisian stairs of Sacre Coeur to the runways of Sydney fashion shows, she will share with you her stories & journeys from crazy adventures to slight (down playing there) mishaps.

Recently created by Fatou and Rita, I A M F A T O U is a channel to inspire everyone from all walks of life by promoting confidence through personal style, fashion, travel, beauty, the 9to5 and most importantly, choices. The smartest person she knows one day told her that choices are either based in fear or love. The important thing is to acknowledge this and aim to choose your path based on love. Everyone wants love. Love for who you are, love for what you do and love for where you want to be.

Through a series of escapades (for lack of a better word), trials and tribulations, this blog is simply a tool for sharing. After all, they do say sharing is caring.